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Profile: Thomas Osborne Design

Thomas Osborne Design is just that – the graphic design shop of Thomas Osborne.

It’s micro. One person – me, Thomas Osborne.

I design publications, reports, logos, print materials, advertising, websites.

The first words you encounter on my website are:

“Creative and effective communication for any enterprise with a story to tell.”

That is the basis for the business. I use my skills in design, writing, photography, communicating, problem solving, and business managing to help an organization figure out what it is trying to say, and then say it. My goal is to do it articulately and with a style that fits the client.

In addition to experience as a graphic designer, I have deep experience in journalism – 25 years as a reporter, editor, and newsroom manager. At midlife, I returned to college to study design. I graduated from the University of Washington's well regarded Visual Communication Design program in 2002, set up shop, and have worked since as a designer, blending my passions for words, images, presentation.

My practice has grown steadily, thanks to opportunities from both regular and occasional clients. If your organization has a need for any of the services I offer – graphic design, advertising design, logo or identity design, print design or web design – It would be a privilege to talk with you about it.

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